About Heartful Schools

Why Heartfulness is needed in Schools


Heartfulness embraces critical thinking, questioning, observation and experiential learning. Heartfulness embraces the one dimension, that is critical to 21st century education, and that is the role of the heart in self-development.

Development of internal skills such as clarity of mind, self-confidence, empathy, awareness and focus are just a few of the benefits of Heartfulness relaxation and meditation. Our unique cleaning technique helps in liberating oneself from those hard-to-get-rid-of habits and tendencies. We also experience higher energy in our activities and a great sense of purpose and fulfillment. In a nutshell, it strengthens our strengths, weakens our weaknesses and makes us more holistic.


General benefits of Heartfulness Programs in Schools

  • Teachers and students will be better equipped to deal with everyday issues
  • Develops a heart based, nurturing environment
  • The atmosphere in the school changes for the better
  • Less time spent on behaviour management of students, more time for quality teaching
  • Decision-making skills improve over time
  • Promote excellence, as people learn to put their hearts into whatever they do and feel more fulfilled
  • The school becomes a more cohesive unit

For Educators

  • Work more effectively and efficiently
  • Become better role models for students
  • Develop clarity in decision-making
  • Notice improved teamwork and communication
  • Have increased empathy, tolerance and patience with colleagues, students and family members
  • Are more loving and caring
  • Respect and nurture the individual genius in each student, so that they are able to blossom and contribute to society
  • Support students in discovering how to be good citizens with positive values, to communicate effectively and behave constructively

For Students

  • Develop a secure sense of Self
  • Enjoy the process of enquiry and problem solving, taking on life’s challenges with courage and confidence
  • Develop academic dilligence, maturity towards study and work, and focus on quality and excellence
  • Are able to introspect and reflect, through the practice of silent relaxation, meditation and self-observation
  • Are more calm and relaxed, and work co-operatively
  • Develop empathy, giving of their time and talents for the common good
  • Be guided by the heart in making constructive choices for their own growth
  • Shift from self- interest to Self-interest
  • Develop self-acceptance and confidence that they are capable contributors to society
  • Fosters creative and valuable thinking

For Parents

  • Notice the positive contribution to family life
  • See changes in students’ behaviour at home, e.g. using time wisely, making wise choices, becoming more helpful
  • Increases happiness and promotes healthier relationships

Our Approach

The Heartfulness Institute offers a rich variety of simple relaxation and meditation solutions to help us solve our problems and be the best we can possibly be in all walks of life. Whether a teacher or an administrator, a student of science or art we can all pursue the path of fulfillment, excellence and perfection.

Our programs are designed for all schools and focus on giving simple and practical techniques to nurture individual well-being and balanced living. They are available for students of all socioeconomic backgrounds from ages 6 onwards, regardless of academic ability, and is offered completely free of charge by trained Heartfulness volunteers. The techniques can be easily integrated into a student’s daily routine, and school schedule without any disruption.

THE ORGANIZATION: The Heartfulness Institute is part of the Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in 1999 in USA, with branches in more than 110 countries, serving millions of people with various wellness, self-development and meditation tools.


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