Heartfulness embraces critical thinking, questioning, observation and experiential learning. Heartfulness also embraces the dimension that is critical to 21st century education, and that is the role of the heart in self-development.

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Author Gopi Kallayil shares ten things by which you can organize your twenty- four hours… And most important, you will live a l ...


Time : Spur Success

"If there’s one phrase in today’s society that I can’t stand, it’s that clichéd response, I don’t have enough time!" Ho ...


ABC of Stress Management

What is the ABC of stress reduction? This question takes us to the root cause of stress, and the one effective way out of it…



It doesn’t matter how old you are. If you are in high school, college or you are a young adult, the decisions you make now are a ...


10 Tips for Effective Communic ...

Author Liz Kingnorth explores the ways we can improve our relationships at home, at work and with friends, by improving the way we ...


Speak with Love

In this article, we explore the way we speak. The spoken voice is the transmission of sound from one being to others. It therefore ...


Meditation as a Tool for Succe ...

A meditation practice can be seamlessly integrated into your life, allowing you to live a balanced life…


Happiness Quotient

The German philosopher Schopenhauer asked the question, “How can we determine whether a man is happy or unhappy?” He defined t ...


Be a Better Friend

Author Suraj Sehgal explores the ways to become a better friend by showing up, reaching out, accommodating and appreciating…


The Heart of the Matter

Author Naren Kini is an artist among other things. He shares with us his own experience of creating and what helps him most…


The Beauty of the Inner Univer ...

We don’t see the depth, because this can only be seen with the eyes of the heart: if we don’t see our own depth we can’t see ...


Beauty in Simplicity

Simplicity is the highest goal, achievable when you have overcome all difficulties. After one has played a vast quantity of notes ...

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